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The Boom Dossier: 2023

Trend watchers in 2023 are seeing that the vibe shift – a huge change in culture – is beginning. In this change, most of what has been dominant would be thrown out for something new. The idea of a vibe shift is simple: what was once a dominant social wavelength begins to feel outdated. On a cultural level we have shifted from a common language of mainstream towards a fragmented and scattered version of culture. We see the vibe shift on various levels of media, communications, and human behaviors. The vibe shift will continue to affect consumer, cultural, and digital behaviors.


Because the vibe shift affects pretty much everything in terms of culture and behavior, we’ve broken it down for you.

We zoomed in on three areas that best reflect where the vibe shift can be spotted. In the first chapter, we talk about the rethinking of ownership: how is WEB 3.0 changing the interaction between you and your belongings; why should you serve tinned fish to your dream date; why do influencers suddenly claim you should buy less stuff? Here lies an opportunity for brands to build deeper connections with their consumers.

In the second chapter, we uncover the effect of the vibe shift on identity building: why doesn’t anyone seem to fit into the perfect box anymore; what’s going on with all those TikTok trends that are over before you even notice them; why does everyone suddenly want to be as ugly as possible? As a brand, you may be a key player in your consumer’s lifestyle, then of course, you can’t be left behind. What you can do is foster their story.

In the third chapter, we discuss how social media is entering its “flop era”: how can it suddenly be so cool to share how clumsy you actually are; why is Instagram losing its charm; what happened to cancel culture? For you brand, this is a unique opportunity to progress in an honest way, but without fear of a giant backlash, if you do it right.


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