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We wear our sunglasses Adnight

A recap of ADNIGHT ’19

‘The Future is now, old man.’ – Malcolm from Malcolm In The Middle, 2002 Malcolm was right. The future is always now. It’s shaped by our dreams, fantasies and desires. For ADNIGHT 2019 we took a deep dive and explored what advertising, creativity and our lives will look like in the near and distant future.

We’re like a rocket, man.


In less than two years, the Boomerang family has grown from 30 to 130 people. We’re growing so fast the future’s having trouble staying ahead of us. Because we believe that a bright future is shaped collectively and that the world is in need of more open minded, enthusiasm-based collaboration, we cooked up a little something special for the 2019 edition of ADNIGHT. We hosted a diversity on spacy topics such as: ‘The Future of Dynamic Video’ and ‘Using Brainwaves To Pick Faves’. Rocket fuel, much?


We have liftoff


Space snacks and rocket shots (thank you Jägermeister & Heineken) got the party started after the talks and together we partied like the future depended on it. We’re happy to have welcomed so many young creatives, colleagues, competitors and cool peeps to our office in the North side of Amsterdam. The future is calling, will you get on board? And who brought the spacedog? Anyway, it’s safe to say we had a blast and that we’re all fueled up! Big shout out to the ADNIGHT crew for making this year’s edition extra special.


ADNIGHT is an annual event where creative agencies and production companies all over Amsterdam open their doors for the public and present themselves by curating their own program. ADNIGHT is one of the biggest creative industry events with 5.200 visitors last year alone.