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Boomerang Office Olympics

Office Olympics
Blue Monday is the third Monday of January, when people seem to experience the peak of their “winter dip.” Characterized by short days, cold temperatures, and generally dreary weather, it’s no wonder why people feel a bit down this time of year. And while we’d all like to avoid this bleak way of being, it’s important to face it head on, feel our feelings, open up dialogue, and make a plan of action. And better yet, to do it together.

To combat the seasonal stresses, we organized the BoomPub Office Olympics. Presented by our Health + Well-being initiative, the officle olympics was a two-week challenge in which 22 teams went head-to-head in a battle to burn the most calories.

Tracked using the Magic Mountain app, colleagues recorded their daily activities in hopes to come out on top.

While not everyone left the awards ceremony with prizes, we did all leave feeling just a little (or a lot) more active.