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Why have an ESG program? Well, our motto is ‘Social By Nature’. But the truest version of social goes beyond our expertise in social media and social trends. It means doing better by society and taking action for the environment.

Our people, our planet, and our industry are calling for a better world – and we have both the responsibility and the opportunity to be part of the solution.

Our superpower?


We’re trying to flip the script of this industry and use the same persuasive communications that have given advertising a bad rap to bring about the change we want to see in the world.

Through a multi-pronged delivery model — incorporating operational changes, community engagement opportunities, new business applications, and measurement & reporting frameworks — we seek to leave no room for green washing and make space for impact.

We know
we’re not going to change the world single-handedly.

But our company full of storytellers and creators certainly can solve some problems along the way.

& Initiatives

Better guidance

the doughnut economy
& the SDGS.

A key framework that guides our approach is the Doughnut Economy. The city our HQ lives in, Amsterdam, has committed to being the pioneer for Doughnut Economics: a new way for humans to thrive within planetary and social boundaries. And the SDGs, well, those Sustainable Development Goals come straight from the UN – they’ll also help guide us.

Let’s Dive In to
our 2025 goals,
shall we?



Let’s leave things better than we found them. We seek to:

Achieve an energy neutral office space & 55% emissions reduction compared to pre-industrial levels.

Contribute to restoring local and global ecosystems and make net positive ecological impact.

Become 100% circular & promote at least 50% environmentally friendly products and services.



People should feel safe, included, healthy and empowered to be themselves in the wholest sense… inside and outside our walls. We strive to:

Foster DEI at every level, from creative work to company processes.

Prioritize and enable a healthy work-life balance, with a focus on mental health.

Seek to do what’s right for humankind by undertaking causes larger than ourselves and our company.


Industry leadership

The industry has a lot to learn… and a lot to give. We push for:

Responsible content & digital spaces that add to people’s experience without deceiving (fake news & filter bubbles) or impacting mental health (unhealthy social standards & cyber bullying).

Improved organizational transparency and business accountability, including policies on corruption and security.


This program is called For Better for a reason: we know that when it comes to social & environmental sustainability, we’ll never fully get ‘there.’

We aim to be as transparent as possible, celebrating the actions we’ve taken, while acknowledging how much we still have left to do. We invite questions, feedback, suggestions, and collaborations.

For us, it’s never been about perfection.
It’s about doing our best by always striving to do better.